The Hosting Assured Trust Mark

Helping You Find Ethical Web Hosts

All information and claims presented to the customer will be 100% accurate.
All web hosting services will be supplied as agreed.
The customer will be treated with fairness and honesty.
All planned service outages will be well communicated in advance.
All communication with the customer will be timely and responsive.
Every effort will be made to resolve all valid complaints in a professional and timely fashion.

About Hosting Assured Trust Mark

The Hosting Assured Trust Mark is an ethics process. A host that displays the Hosting Assured Trust Mark has agreed to a code of ethics. If they do not act in accordance with the ethics then they lose the ability to participate in the Hosting Assured program.

About Hosting Assured Trust Mark

The trust mark contains a date (in the example above 2016), which should match the current year. If it does not then the host is not authorized to display the Hosting Assured Logo and is illegally displaying the trust mark on their website.

Clicking on the Hosting Assured mark on the web hosts site opens a Hosting Assured site specifically related to that host. From this website a visitor can review Hosting Assured status, read customer reviews and check reliability as measured by

A customer can also rate the host and file a complaint / request mediation of a problem by clicking on the web hosts Hosting Assured trust mark. Both Hosting Assured and share the same customer review database.

Problem Mediation

Customers of a Hosting Assured web host can request the help of Hosting Assured if they feel the host is not living up to the Hosting Assured code of ethics. A web based mediation process is opened with the aim of finding a satisfactory conclusion to the complaint. If the web host does not resolve the issue and refuses to comply with the code of ethics, then the web host loses the ability to display Hosting Assured on their site and cannot participate in the Hosting Assured program. Hosting Assured cannot guarantee that any complaint will result in a satisfactory outcome. For more details on how the mediation process works Click Here

While a complaint is under mediation, it is visible to other customers that a mediation is ongoing by a change of status from "In Good Standing" to "Mediation On Going"

What Hosting Assured Is Not

Hosting Assured is not a certification or any form of guarantee of the web hosting companies future performance.

To become a Hosting Assured host a host must agree to the code of ethics. Hosting Assured is not an accreditation, award or any kind of mark of recognition for the web host.

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