The Hosting Assured Trust Mark

Helping You Find Ethical Web Hosts

All information and claims presented to the customer will be 100% accurate.
All web hosting services will be supplied as agreed.
The customer will be treated with fairness and honesty.
All planned service outages will be well communicated in advance.
All communication with the customer will be timely and responsive.
Every effort will be made to resolve all valid complaints in a professional and timely fashion.

Web Hosting Companies - How To Join Hosting Assured Program

It is currently free to become a Hosting Assured host. To join Hosting Assured you must agree to a code of customer ethics and you must display the Hosting Assured trust mark on your site.

Benefits of Being A Hosting Assured Host

Offers additional differentiation in a competitive market
  • Potential and existing customers are offered additional peace of mind due to your agreement to the ethics, ongoing maintaining of a good Hosting Assured status and a mediation process should problems arise

  • Potential customers can click on your Hosting Assured trust mark located on your website and instantly review your customer ratings, and check your reliability as measured by a 3rd party

Benefits of Being A Hosting Assured Host

How The Hosting Assured Trust Mark Functions On Your Site

When a visitor to your website clicks on your valid Hosting Assured trust mark logo they do not get transported to this site. A special Hosting Assured site that relates to your company is opened. This shows your Hosting Assured status, your current customer rating score plus access to the detailed ratings and the ability to check your reliability as measured by Alertra.

How To Join Hosting Assured

To become a Hosting Assured host you must have a login. You do not have to list your hosting plans in TheWebHostingdir, but the admin. for Hosting Assured is within It is free to have a TheWebHostingdir login.

TheWebHostingdir is a web hosting resource site without any advertising or paid recommendations. The TheWebHostingdir model is commission based without any listing fees, cpm or cost per click.

If you list plans that offer Unlimited bandwidth or data transfer you will not be able to join Hosting Assured. You must also have a fully functioning web site with online ordering capability.

To learn more about TheWebHostingdir and to request a system login - Click Here