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Tour of TheWebHostingDir.Com

Most sites on the net that claim to be web hosting resources are really nothing more than a place for web hosts to advertise. Visibility, recommendations and best host lists are sold off to the highest bidder. Hardly much value for decision making.

TheWebHostingdir is different. No host can buy an advantage in the TheWebHostingdir listings, and you will notice there are no flashing banners and host promotions, only unbiased information to help you find the right web host.

TheWebHostingdir is at a basic level, a database of web hosting plans and customer reviews. Below is a diagram that shows how TheWebHostingdir works.

Searching For Web Hosts

You probably fall into one of these categories

  • Beginner - you want to get a website but not sure what it all entails. You should read the following guides - Basic Guide To Web Hosting Types
  • Experienced - You know exactly what your needs are.

Different Ways You Can Search TheWebHostingdir

You probably fall into one of these categories

  • Use the preset searches - These are pre-defined searches and you can find them on the home page & other pages in the left side bar.
  • Use the Search Wizard - Coming soon !
  • Use the Search Tools - Coming soon !
  • Use the text search box in the top section of website - This lets you search the whole site, search for one host, or search for text within host plans. This allows you to also search through all the guides and articles and is useful if you are looking for something very specific.