The Hosting Assured Trust Mark

Helping You Find Ethical Web Hosts

All information and claims presented to the customer will be 100% accurate.
All web hosting services will be supplied as agreed.
The customer will be treated with fairness and honesty.
All planned service outages will be well communicated in advance.
All communication with the customer will be timely and responsive.
Every effort will be made to resolve all valid complaints in a professional and timely fashion.

Hosting Assured Mediation Process | TheWebHostingDir.Com

If you encounter a problem with a Hosting Assured host that you cannot solve yourself and you feel is counter to the Hosting Assured code of ethics, then you can request that Hosting Assured mediates the problem. Hosting Assured cannot guarantee any solution, but if the host does not follow the code of ethics then they will lose Hosting Assured status. Please also read our terms for more information.

To file a complaint / request mediation, click on the Hosting Assured trust mark on the host website. For more details on how the mediation process works click here

File A Complaint

If the host is not displaying the Hosting Assured trust mark on their website, but during a search on TheWebHostingdir you notice that they are a Hosting Assured host, then please contact us to let us know. We will also be able to provide you with a link so you can start a mediation request.